free numerologyWhat Is Numerology?

Numerology is based on the premise that our personality, strengths, weaknesses as well as our emotional needs and how we handle life in general are all pre-determined by our name and the date of our birth.

Numerology uses the vibration frequency of each object to determine its behavior and energies.  This applies to everything in the universe, including humans.

When you use someone’s name and birth date, you can then determine his or her frequencies with simple number reduction calculations.  Each letter is assigned a number for the name and the birth date is utilized by using the month, day and year numbers.

The resulting numbers are then used to determine the core analysis. This analysis focuses on key aspects of one’s personality and encompasses four major elements.

1-Life Path – The life path is the most important aspect of the analysis. This element outlines your purpose in life as well as describing certain personality traits you’re likely to have.  If you were to use one element that describes you as a whole it would be the life path.

2-Expression – This element is the second most important and is used to determine your potential. It outlines those aspects of your personality that give you natural ability in any given area.

3-Soul Urge – This element describes those ideologies that motivate you to take action. It determines which principles are likely to drive your behavior.

4-Birthday – This element describes important qualities and aspects of one’s personality, but is not as important and doesn’t carry as much weight as the other elements.

The core is the base for analysis but when determining someone’s personality traits based on numerology, there are other additional numbers that contribute to and enhance or modify the core number. These numbers are referred to as modifiers.  The basic traits determined by the core can be either softened or hardened by these additional numbers.

The principle personality remains in tact, but is altered slightly when additional numbers are calculated. As an example, the Karmic Debt modifier determines what degree of difficulty one might have throughout their life. Although your Life Path may determine that you are a leader, if you have Karmic Debt numbers, you might have more difficulty in achieving your full potential than someone who does not.

Your name has significance in determining what your personality is likely to be like. Although you can change your path by changing your name, it is likely that your personality will remain largely based on your birth name.  Numerology allows for these situations and accepts that maturation and life experiences can enhance or subdue the personality traits determined by the numbers in your core analysis.



Numerology has been around for a very long time. The symbolism and meanings of numbers have long been used for making key life choices.  The importance of the numbers was often directly responsible for when a crop was planted or when a child was born. When using the objective approach of numerology, many stand by their successes and failures that were predicted in the numbers.

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